Krista Morten, Principal of Align Consulting has more than 15 years of experience in the research, tourism and outdoor recreation industries. Her areas of expertise include, market and industry research and analysis, strategic planning, program evaluation, survey research, community and sector tourism planning and tourism strategy and policy development.

Prior to leading Align Consulting, Krista's spent more than 13 years at Tourism BC (now Destination British Columbia). As a Senior Manager with Destination BC (formerly Tourism BC), Krista had the opportunity to lead both the Tourism Research, Planning and Evaluation team and the Tourism Strategy and Policy team.  Key responsibilities included: completion of dozens of consumer research studies, policy analysis, strategic planning, strategic business planning, research-based development planning for communities and sectors, economic value analysis for attractions, sectors and communities, and program evaluation. 

Before Tourism BC, Krista was a Partner in Cascadia Natural Resource Consulting where she worked on a number of initatives for both government and non-governmental organizations. Major projects included the coordination of the Skeena Region River Guardian program, quality assurance and control checks on numerous lake and stream inventories and fish habitat monitoring.

Krista holds a Master of Science in the College of Forestry with an emphasis Recreation and Tourism from the University of Idaho and a Bachelor of Science in Biology witha an emphasis Ecology from the University of British Columbia.

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